Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been accepted into the Innovation Lab! What can I expect next?

You’ll be receiving a welcome e-mail from our team where you will have the opportunity to connect with us and fellow innovators via our Slack community workspace! Regarding co-design opportunities and events, you can expect to hear from us via e-mail ( and Slack, so keep an eye out! 

What is the time commitment of being a member of the Innovation Lab?

It’s up to your capacity and bandwidth! We would love for you to participate as much as possible, but understand that you have busy schedules. We will send you relevant co-design opportunities that could vary in length (usually ranging between 30 and 90 minutes), but it is completely your choice as to whether you want to participate or not. Your participation in one study will also not affect the potential for participation in future studies.

What types of codesign opportunities are there?

Some examples include individual interviews, providing feedback on a new prototype, group codesign workshops, responding to a survey, having your students participate in research, and more. The type of opportunities change with each project, so keep an eye out for emails from us which will update you on our current projects.

How can I connect with other members of the Innovation Lab?

You can connect with fellow Innovators across North America by participating in our group workshops, attending our events, and messaging in our Innovation Lab Slack. We have over 1,000 members that you can meet and get to know!

I know other amazing educators who would be a great addition to the Innovation Lab - how can they join the community?

You can refer other educators in your network to apply to join the Scholastic Innovation Lab by sharing the website with them! The Innovation Lab thrives with more unique perspectives and diverse experiences, so we encourage you to share the opportunity to co-design Scholastic educational programs and services with your friends and colleagues.  

Something else?

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